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E-Commerce Checklist is the ultimate step-by-step blueprint to help you start and grow your next successful eCommerce business. It will guide you through the entire process of setting up your own e-commerce store from scratch, with detailed instructions in 35 steps.

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Choose Platform

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Write Marketing Copy

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Create Invoice

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Recover Abandoned Carts

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Sell on Marketplaces

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Track Orders

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Find a Carrier

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Inventory & Fulfillment

Icon 9

Choose Your Customer

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Find Products

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Sell on Social Media

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and 27+ more categories

E-commerce is a long and arduous journey, and you need proper direction and tools to start and grow your business. We analyzed 200+ hours to find the perfect tools and frameworks for your ecommerce business.

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Furkan Yılmaz

Furkan Yılmaz


Product Hunt

As a person who has managed e-commerce websites for many years, I congratulate Yücel and Umut for this very comprehensive work. This work is a complete roadmap for people at all levels working in the field of e-commerce.

Chris Ashby


Product Hunt

Love this product! We need more products that make process easier so founders can spend more time on the big ideas and growth opportunities.

Fatih Güner


I can assure you this is a top-of-the-notch information product on how to start an ecommerce business. They meticulously worked on every bit of information and templates this product has. And I'm sure if you want to start an ecommerce business, you'll need it.

Özel Yılmaz


Product Hunt

Wow! Foremost, it's pretty colossal labor on that. Aside from a fabulous, thoughtful idea, it's a unique guide for those who want to start but are afraid of the ocean. E-commerce is basically a vast area to find your way and get what you want by showing a lot of effort. You guys made a kinda shortcut for it. Amazing.

Etrexio Digital Solutions

Etrexio Digital Solutions


Interested in #ecommerce but don't know where to begin? Thanks to @notionecommerce, you'll shoot ahead! We're glad to support this great info product and encourage our followers to support them.

Batuhan Mergüz


It is a product that people who want to do e-commerce should definitely take a look at! By using your time effectively, you can reach the valuable information prepared by @yucelfaruksahan and @umut_sonmez

Nihal Bhushan

Nihal Bhushan


Product Hunt

Great. This will definitely come in handy for a person like me who is new to E-commerce. Congratulations on your launch.

Ahmet Çığşar


Product Hunt

Wow it's amazing template, useful and saves time... Every ecommerce entrepreneur should have one.

Eren Dik


If you are running an e-commerce business or are planning to run it, you should definitely take a look @producthunt

Serdar Karaçay


@yucelfaruksahan and @umut_sonmez Great job guys. All e-commerce entrepreneurs should have one.

Efe Sener


Are you planning to run an ecommerce business? Save your time! 🤩

Kadir Furkan Kiraz


@yucelfaruksahan and @umut_sonmez have been preparing an awesome e-commerce checklist ✅ There are hand-picked tools, resources, and growth templates. I'm looking forward to the launch!

Ozan Sonmez


If you want to build a successful E-Commerce Side Hustle you need to be efficient and use this Checklist with 200+ tools to launch & grow your online store in Notion


Learn what is needed.

Know where to look for help-filled tools, frameworks and other business essentials you may have stumbled upon while working on the project.

This Checklist will get you started in the
e-commerce world

The frameworks is a list of the 12 major things you need to do before launching any type of online business. Whether you are a beginner or have been selling products online for years, this checklist will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure your e-commerce business is ready for launch!

200+ Hand-Picked Tools & Resources

E-commerce Tools

200+ Hand-Picked Tools & Resources

Discover the exact steps & tools from those who have been there & done it. You don't have to make all the costly mistakes.

know your business

12 Frameworks For Conversions

Know where to look for help-filled tools like templates, canvas models, templates and other business essentials you may have stumbled upon while working on your business.

Lifetime Update

Easy to customize

Lifetime Update

All templates and components are fully customizable. You can use these templates to tell your personal story and convey your message.

Everything you need to launch a successful e-commerce business

Are you ready to build the business of your dreams? You can use our expertly-curated tools to run your storefront.

Get E-Commerce Checklist

E-Commerce Growth Resources

All In One Place

This comprehensive Notion product is full of actionable information that teaches you, step by step, how to harness the power of curated resources for your e-commerce business.

Say Hello to the Makers 👋

Say Hello to the Makers 👋 This product is made by a founder with 6 figure startup exit in 8 months! and another maker who built #4 product of the Month on Product Hunt.seet it live

Umut Sonmez

Umut Sonmez

1-time #founder with 6 figure #startup exit in 8 months!

Yucel Faruk Sahan

Yucel Faruk Sahan

maker landingpage.fyi #1 Product of the Day on PH

You don't need to check hundreds of tools by spending 200+ hours and we curated the best tools for you to use it in your online business. Even if you only read the articles we share, you will become an e-commerce master.



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September 11, 2021

  • 15 min. video tutorial added to Step 1: Choose Your Customer
  • Added 4 new tools to Step 5, 6 and 26.
  • Broken links updated.

October 28, 2021

  • 4 min. video tutorial added to Step 3: Competitive Research
  • 7 min. video tutorial added to Step 4: Find a Domain & Brand Name
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